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Who uses plain boring listings sites anymore? That is so 20 years ago. Now a days everyone uses social networks with rich interactive multimedia, chat, video chat, groups, events, and more. Brevard Youth is a social network, a custom programmed online community, that has taken around $40,000 and almost 7 years to develop.

Our Story

Brevard Youth came about through a process of over 12 years doing graphics, print, web design, internet marketing, online video, and marketing consulting for small businesses, and those same 12 years doing youth mentoring, events, fundraisers, radio shows, and outreach with local youth programs and charitable organizations. Our founder, Erik Hasselbeck's dedication and perseverance, overcoming many obstacles and barriers along the way, has created this as a service to our community, hands on, experiencing the difficulty many youth programs and non profits go through to reach the local community, most of whom are ran by volunteers on a shoe string budget.

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Next Steps...

Do you have a youth program, or a family related business, a church, or a charitible organization, or an upcoming community event? Contact us to get more information on how we might work together!