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Brevard Family Magazine is an extension of the Brevard Youth program. It Is 25,000 circulation monthly throughout Brevard County Florida. It is mainly for advertising services and local activities and events to Brevard County families. With all kinds of youth programs, family oriented businesses, churches, charitable and not forĀ  profit organizations, and regular bigger events going on around the county, there is never enough pages to put in all the content of what goes into the printed magazine. The E Magazine is available on our site to view the magazine online as well. Marquee distribution locations include the "youth services" location in the Brevard County Libraries and in retail stores and restaurants like "Jersey Mikes," and several hundred other restaurants, dentist and doctors offices, hair salons, and more.


Depending on the organization and or event, we would love to offer advertising at a fair reasonable price to local youth programs, family oriented businesses, churches and youth groups, charities and not for profit organizations. We specialize in advertising local family events! If your organization is doing a fair, a 5k race, a golf tournament, a chili cook off, a theatrical play, a fundraising dinner, or some other kind of family safe local event, please let us know it's our pleasure to serve! We want to provide your organization a reasonable cost advertising for your local family event to the local community!

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Do you have a youth program, or a family related business, a church, or a charitible organization, or an upcoming community event? Contact us to get more information on how we might work together!