Watch our basic video detailing more about our up and coming new Family Social Network!


This is an online digital version of the printed real thing. Although we have a printed magazine, you don't have to go somewhere to pick it up, read it over right here online now!

Brevard Family Magazine

With 25,000 monthly circulation, Brevard Family Magazine seeks to reach the community en mass promoting local family events and youth programs. This is just the first in a series of publications! Visit our Magazine page for more information! Website

Finishing up the final touches right now we are preparing to launch the Beta Site for testing among our local youth programs first, then are preparing a 4 fold creative online marketing strategy. The website is a full social network and local online community, not a basic "listings" site (that's so 20 years ago lol). Learn more about our website click on the link below...

Radio and TV Show

We are already preparing relationships with local partners and sponsors and laying the framework not only to form a creative arts group of local teens and young adults, doing acting, comedy, creative videos, but to also create a weekly Brevard Family TV Show and daily Brevard Family Radio Shows (hint hint this is just the beginning in 2018!)

Media That Matters

Between Brevard Family Magazines, a local online community "" with an app and lots of rich multimedia features and a 4 fold Internet Marketing strategy, and coming soon Brevard Family Radio shows, and a Brevard Family TV Show, we aim to make a difference! With about 60,000 children and about 65,000 teenagers in Brevard County Florida, plus parents, and over 1000 youth programs, over 500 churches, about 2,000 charities and foundations and nonprofits, and more and more, instead of one program doing it by themselves, let's network together and reach the community in a much more impactful way! No more school shootings! Healthy people are part of a healthy family. Families are the building blocks of society, as we have strong families those blocks form a wall that makes up a strong community.

Family Kids Event

Next Steps...

Do you have a youth program, or a family related business, a church, or a charitible organization, or an upcoming community event? Contact us to get more information on how we might work together!